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Our Story

Frank & Jun

My wife and I  stumbled upon Blackwater Coffee & Café on a weekend bike ride in 2018 and fell in love with this cute local coffee shop. It was built by John & Kim, a couple who have run this shop for more than 14 years. They were looking for someone to take this shop to the next stage. 

In August 2018, we formally became proud owners of Blackwater Coffee & Café. Running a coffee shop is certainly a big change form my previous corporate career. Hardworking aside, the best part is to get to know local people, to meet our regular customers everyday and hear their stories.

Blackwater is located in the heart of Maple Plain, a quiet and charming suburb city less than 30 minutes drive west of Minneapolis downtown. Maple Plain is known for its beautiful lakes, public parks, rolling hills and more uniquely, dozens of horse farms and countless of small hobby farms. My wife and I both love horses and find it fascinating when our customers share their stores about their horses, stables, farms and farm animals.

John & Kim leave us a great legacy of Blackwater. Our coffee and sandwiches can not get any popular among locals. However, we        

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