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Neighbors sell for ...

This is an attempt to study advertisements of similar objects. Let's immediately pay attention to the details. What do you see? Transaction prices? The cost that the owners of these objects included in the calculations? Or maybe the values ​​that the owners want to turn into money?

Recall the first part of the book: many owners overestimate the value of their property

Why do you still see their ads? Do you know what the buyer will require on the day the advance payment is made? Remove ads from all portals. That is, if the ad for the object of the neighboring house is still in advertising, then no one has even offered an advance for it.

Let's say you see that analogues of your object are advertised in the range from 5,000,000 to 6,000,000 rubles. Can any conclusions be drawn from this? Of course not.

Firstly, I already wrote in the previous chapter that not all owners enter the market with the aim of selling an object. Secondly, in the first part of the book, I already wrote that the buyer should see for himself in your object a value that is at least 1 ruble higher than the price you declared.

Without an inspection, it is impossible to say with certainty that an object for 5,100,000 rubles will be sold faster than an object for 5,300,000 rubles. Because it is not necessary to discount the factors that will be visible from the inspection of objects and the analysis of documents. We have already said that the price of the object and the cost of correcting errors in documents form the final cost. As long as you see advertisements but don't know what's behind each of them, you run the risk of drawing erroneous conclusions.