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Gifting Is Made Easy At Blackwater!
How to send someone BW E-Gift Cards?
Just type in recipient's email or phone number and the gift amount as well as your message, he or she will receive BW E-Gift Card instantly via email or text message. You can also schedule a time when the E-Gift Card is sent out to the recipient.  
How to Check BW E-Gift Card balance?
Just click the check balance button above and type in your card number. 
Can I add value to my BW E-Gift Card balance?

Yes, simply click the check balance button above and you will be able to add value to your existing cards
How to redeem BW E-Gift Card?

You can redeem BW E-Gift Cards online by the card number, or in store by showing the E-Gift Card on your phone to our cashiers.    
Do my BW E-Gift Cards expire?
NO, there is no expiration date on your BW E-Gift Cards. Use them anytime you like!

Who to contact if I have questions?
Send us an email at and we will answer your questions. 

*Terms and conditions subject to change
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