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Introducing Ilona Zabolotna  

We ran into Ilona's artwork when we were searching for unique decorations for our coffee shop. What else can make a better statement than these beautiful paintings that are created by Ilona using just coffee! Ilona is a visual artist, borne and educated in Ukraine with a Masters Degree in Art Ceramic & Arts. She developed a unique technique using brewed espresso as the medium to paint watercolor-like portraits combining refined detail and freely expressive splatters.

When we work with Ilona for some painting ideas, we mentioned to her that Blackwater is located in an area with a lot of small farms. A few months later, she sent us these beautiful farm animal paintings that were created exclusively for Blackwater. Besides these cute pig and horse paintings, we also highlight here another theme we call "Caffeinated" by Ilona, illustrating the happiness that a good cup of coffee can bring us.

At Blackwater, you can enjoy Ilona's coffee paintings throughout our shop. However, here is a chance for you to take a piece home! Every painting showcased here is unique original paintings with artist's signature.  
Horse small resolution.jpg
Blackwater Logo created by Ilona Zabolotna
 If you have any questions regarding purchasing these paintings, please email us at
" The Farm "
" Caffeinated "
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