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Coffee and Cake
Welcome to Blackwater Rewards Program
What is BW Rewards Program?
BW rewards program allows our customers earn points on purchases of all prepared food and drinks at Blackwater Coffee & Café. Earn 1 point for each $1 spent in store or online and receive $5 off when you reach 250 points. Our BW Rewards members also receive exclusive discounts and promotions such as double points on purchases. It offers much more than a simple coffee punch card. 

How to sign up for BW Rewards account?
There are a few ways to sign up for a BW rewards account. The only required information is your email. (If you do not have an email, let us know and we can still set up an account for you on our end)
1. Online: Click ONLINE SIGNUP and follow the instructions to open a BW Rewards account
2. In store purchase: If you pay with credit card, you will see a sign up for rewards option on the terminal screen after your signature. If is sign up Bw Rewards this way, the Credit card you used to make in-store purchase is linked to your reward account. If you pay with cash, let our cashiers know that you want to sign up for BW Rewards and they will help you.  

Do I receive a physical card after sign-up?
No. After you sign up for BW rewards program, your email and name become the proof of your membership. You do receive a digital card which you can lookup by following the instruction listed under "How to check my BW Rewards balance" to go to your rewards account webpage. 

How to accumulate BW Rewards points?
1. For in store purchases with linked credit card or online purchase with linked email: points are automatically added to your account with purchases.
2. For in store purchase with unlinked credit card or cash: Let our cashiers know that your are a BW Rewards program member so they can locate your account by name or  email and add points for you. 

How to redeem BW points?
After reaching 250 points, you are eligible to redeem your points. 
1. For in store purchases with linked credit card or online purchase: After reaching 250 points, you will see a reminder that you can now redeem your points for purchases. You can choose to Redeem or Save For Later. 
2. For in store purchase with unlinked credit card or cash: Once our cashiers locate your account, they can help you redeem your points. 

How to check my BW Rewards balance?
You can check your rewards balance by clicking this LINK. Your BW Rewards balance should be emailed to you.  You can also click "view rewards transactions" option in the email to go to your rewards account webpage where you can check your digital rewards card and also audit past rewards transactions. 

Can I purchase BW Rewards points?
Yes, purchasing points is easy. Just follow the same steps listed in "How to check BW Rewards balance" and once you land on your rewards account webpage, clicking the "Add Value" button will lead you to the transaction page where you can purchase points ($1 for 50 points). Due to this function, members may double their  BW Rewards as cash card. 

Do my BW Rewards Points expire?
Points will expire if no account activities (points accumulation, points purchase or redemption) for over 6 months

Who to contact if I have questions?
Send us an email at and we will answer your questions. 

*Terms and conditions subject to change
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